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Screenshot of Google World MapTales from Planet Earth has screened more than 150 environmental films through our 2007 festival, 2009 festival, 2012 festival, 2013 festival, community screenings, and our co-sponsorship of the Wisconsin Film Festival. When building festival rosters, we have tried to re-define ideas of environmental film to encompass movies that view the environment broadly as the place where we live, work, and play and that examine how humans shape and are shaped by non-human nature. A complete list of every film we have screened is below. As seen on this map, they have been set in 42 different countries on all 7 continents! For details about each festival, click the links in the menu above.

Archive of All Past Films:   0-9  A-C  D-F  G-J  K-M  N-P  Q-S  T-Z 

Want to pick a place you're interested in and learn about a movie set in that area? Check out our interactive map, showing where our various tales from planet Earth hailed from. Click on any marker for more details about the film set in that location.

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