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October 17, 2017
Congratulations to SAGE's Newest PhD, Dr. Valerie Stull!

Valerie gave a stellar presentation and passed her thesis defense with poise and brilliance! Her thesis is entitled "Improving Global Health Through Insects:The Feasibility, Acceptability, and Potential Impact of Small-Scale Minilivestock Farming with a Case Study of Zambia"

Valerie is advised by Professor Jonathan Patz. 


October 17, 2017
Holly Gibbs Wins 2017 L&S Deans Award for Distinguished Faculty Achievement

Holly Gibbs was selected as the 2017 winner of the College of Letters and Sciences “Deans Award for Distinguished Faculty Achievement”, named for Phil Certain and Dean Gary Sander. The recipient is chosen based on outstanding leadership and potential future leadership, as well as excellent research and teaching and service.  Congratulations, Holly!

October 02, 2017
Wisconsin Energy and Sustainability Challenge

The Wisconsin Energy and Sustainability Challenge is calling on students to submit their novel ideas for creating a more sustainable planet. More than $10,000 in prizes will be awarded on February 23 to students with the most innovative solutions in environmental sustainability and clean energy technology. 

Any student, any field, any solution is welcome – entries will be judged on originality, feasibility, and environmental/societal impact. Students are encouraged to work in teams to develop their solution in any number of topics related to sustainability – clean energy, food, water, transportation, place-based issues, etc. Solutions can be in the form of new technologies, business plans, or social initiatives.

Two upcoming info sessions will be held at the Wisconsin Energy Institute (1552 University Ave.) Room 1150 

Wednesday, October 4th

2:30-3PM (Facebook event link)

4-4:30PM (Facebook event link)

For full details, visit:

Submission Deadline: February 2, 2018 8:00AM

To register your interest in the competition, visit:   

To see examples of past entries, look for the “Prior Winners” section of the competition website, or read this article highlighting a few past winners and how the competition shaped their student experience and early careers:

For any questions about the competition, contact Scott Williams, Research and Education Coordinator at the Wisconsin Energy Institute, at

(co-sponsored by SAGE)



September 26, 2017
Jonathan Patz Gives Keynote Address at ISEE 17 Meeting

Jonathan Patz provided the keynote address for the 29th Annual Scientific Conference of the International Society of Environmental Epidemiology 2017 (ISEE 2017) "Healthy places, healthy people - where are the connections?" in Sydney Australia, 24-28 Sept 2017. 


September 25, 2017
Patz Publishes Op-Ed in Australian Guardian

Quitting coal: a health benefit equivalent to quitting tobacco, alcohol and fast-food. "The 21st century holds incredible promise for improving human health while simultaneously dealing with humanity’s most urgent problem: climate change. Subsequent improvements in air quality, along with walkable or bikeable communities to counter trends in obesity and chronic diseases will majorly boost the health of Australians – a result that will be hugely appreciated."


September 20, 2017
Patz Gives Keynote at AAP Meeting in Chicago

Jonathan Patz provided the keynote address for the American Acadmey of Pediatrics (AAP) in Chicago on Sept 19, 2017. "Climate change is taking a toll on children’s health, and pediatricians play a role in educating policymakers on the impact..."


September 14, 2017
Patz Op Ed published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Tax on hybrids and electric vehicles is poor economic policy"

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September 14, 2017
Carlos Souza & AMAZON DEFORESTATION: Lunchtime seminar Monday, Sept 18

Dr. Carlos Souza is a Senior Researcher at Imazon (the Amazon Institute of People and the Environment) and the CEO of Terras App Solutions, which is a startup firm that develops geospatial Apps for rural property management and supply chain traceability.  He has received the Skoll Award on Social Entrepreneurship as well as the Mulago Foundation Conservation Fellowship. 
Carlos has nearly 30 years of experience studying and protecting the Amazon, and will present his current work on: 
Using Data, Cloud Computing And Partnerships To Overcome The New ‘Hard Times’ In The Brazilian Environmental Sector
Join us for lunch and conversation starting at 12:00pm in the lobby of the WEI building.  Or just grab a plate on your way into the seminar starting at 12:30pm!  (Please RVSP if possible so we have a rough idea for lunch orders, but come either way!)  This event is sponsored by Prof Holly Gibbs and the Tropical Ecosystem Research Collaborative