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The percentage of a country's population under the age of 15 is a helpful number to know when looking at a nation's growth potential. The larger the population percent below 15 years old, the bigger the population of the country will be in the future.

Aging populations, such as those of the United States and Western Europe, will begin to decline over time (and some have even started to already) because the population in its reproductive years is proportionately small. Young populations, such as those in much of Africa and South America, have a large percentage of their population approaching the part of their lives where they will begin having children - thus increasing the country's population in the near future.

Unfortunately, these regions of the world with the largest percentage of their population below the age of 15 are also the politically and economically stressed regions of the world.

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Newsweek Demographic Data. World Thematic Map Data Description. ESRI Website. 2000. this address (23 March 2000).

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