In the Media

MAY 29, 2015
Rock County postpones Traynor gravel pit appeal decision
The Milton Courier

MAY 21, 2015
Climate change is affecting our health
Philly Voice

MAY 21, 2015
Did a megaflood kill off America's first metropolis?
Daily Mail

MAY 21, 2015
A Youngstown farm that stands apart from others
Akron Legal News

MAY 18, 2015
Speakers stress need to focus on climate change
Green Bay Press Gazette

MAY 14, 2015
Stop cattle laundering, save the Amazon

MAY 13, 2015
Report: "Game-Changing” Anti-Deforestation Agreements in Brazil are Actually Working

MAY 13, 2015
Doug Moe: A lively look at Forest Hill Cemetery
Wisconsin State Journal

MAY 12, 2015
How Brazilian beef industry became latest ally in fight against deforestation
Christian Science Monitor

MAY 12, 2015
Brazilian Ranchers Aren’t Cutting Down As Much Forest Anymore. Here’s Why.

MAY 12, 2015
A Rainforest-Protection Policy That Really Works
Pacific Standard

MAY 12, 2015
Curbing Rainforest Destruction is Work in Progress
The Cattle Site

MAY 12, 2015
Zero deforestation agreements show impact in Brazilian beef industry
I4U News

MAY 12, 2015
How Big Business Accidentally Helped the Amazon Rainforest
Pacific Standard

MAY 12, 2015
Major meatpacking company keeps its 'zero-deforestation' promise -- study

MAY 12, 2015
Brazil meatpackers show supply-chain rules can protect forests - researchers
Thomson Reuters Foundation

MAY 11, 2015
Earth Day with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson
The Clarion

MAY 7, 2015
Flooding May Have Contributed to Cahokia’s Decline

MAY 7, 2015
The Fall of Cahokia - A Megaflood May Have Been The Killing Blow
News Ledge

MAY 7, 2015
UW freshman focuses efforts on cleaning up Lakeshore path
The Badger Herald

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