Scientific (r)evolution

It was the year in which the Beatles released their first single, "Love Me Do." The space race was heating up, the civil rights movement was growing and U.S. involvement in Vietnam was escalating. Casting a shadow over everything, amplified by the Cuban missile crisis, was the ongoing Cold War. It was 1962 and climate change was nowhere to be found on any list of public or political concerns…More »

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Conservation everywhere
March 15, 2013
I recently returned from a trip to southern India, where I conduct a long-running research project on human interactions with nature in agricultural settings such as coffee plantations. On each of my …More »
Climate archivists
March 15, 2013
To better understand the present " and more accurately predict the future " you must understand the past. Such is the inspiration for those in the Nelson Institute Center for Climatic Research (CCR) …More »
Carbon capacity
March 15, 2013
In the exchange that is the carbon cycle, people giveth and land and oceans taketh away. The outcome of this transaction is a critical factor determining the future climate. As humans produce carbon …More »
Modeling with impact
March 15, 2013
Climate models, one could argue, speak in generalities. These powerful computer simulations support confident assertions about future global trends, but their resolution is too coarse to allow …More »
Forces against deforestation
March 15, 2013
Every day we damage our lungs. Careless behavior, pollutants and fire can cause irreversible harm. This isn't a public service announcement about the dangers of smoking, but a warning about the …More »
Waste to energy to innovation
March 15, 2013
Could the solution to some of the developing world's energy, health and conservation challenges lie in a landfill? Nelson Institute graduate students Aleia McCord and Sarah Stefanos think so. They've …More »
Urban energy program a triple-win for Milwaukee
March 15, 2013
For some residents of Milwaukee, winters will not be as cold and drafty as those in recent memory. While the lakefront city is accustomed to harsh temperatures and gusty winds, hundreds of homes and …More »
Home small home
March 15, 2013
When Sonya Newenhouse was 11, she dreamed of being a carpenter. As a graduate student, she was determined to launch her own environmental consulting business. Today, she's fulfilled both of those …More »
Remembering Charlotte Zieve and her support of service learning
March 15, 2013
The legacy of Charlotte Zieve can be seen in the beaming, binocular-cloaked faces of middle schoolers and their mentors, in the student volunteers going door to door to survey residents about …More »
Keep calm and row on
March 15, 2013
I spent most of my childhood outside. I was attuned to the condition of the streams and lakes as a child, boating on the Great Lakes by summer and walking the marsh that flooded each fall. I didn't …More »
Letters, Alumni notes
March 15, 2013
We welcome letters related to magazine content and your alumni updates. Browse reader submissions from the winter/spring 2013 …More »

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