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Today’s students and instructors see the importance of connecting with a broader range of places and perspectives and ensuring that many constituencies have a seat at the table. …More »

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Everyone’s Earth
February 10, 2017
We use the word change around here just about every day, with good reason. This is a time of remarkable transformation at every level. We’re confronted by enormous challenges to our science, ingenuity, adaptability and sense of justice. …More »
Women in science
February 10, 2017
You don't belong here. We don't have women faculty in this department. You're taking up space that a man should have. These are some of the comments Cathy Middlecamp remembers hearing during her career in science at UW-Madison. While the gender gap in science has slowly been decreasing, data shows equally qualified women still lag behind their male counterparts. …More »
A clear path
February 10, 2017
Peeling away the relationship between agribusiness and deforestation in the Amazon rainforest presents a kind of chicken-or-egg conundrum. Finding out which factor preceded the other, or how soon agribusiness moved in after the first patch of Amazonian rainforest was cleared, could provide important insights. …More »
From lost footage to local sovereignty
February 10, 2017
Gregg Mitman and Emmanuel Urey met by chance, both connected by a single place - Liberia. Mitman was bound for the West African country to continue research for a book on the history and legacy of the Firestone Plantations Company. For Urey, Liberia was home. …More »
Celebrating our community
February 10, 2017
Gifts and gratitude, Nelson gatherings, and enhancing the student experience for generations to come. …More »
First person: A wiser Wisconsin Idea
February 8, 2017
One is hard-pressed to imagine addressing environmental issues without also committing to sharing research beyond the classroom. Yet, in the context of climate justice, the Wisconsin Idea may need careful revision. …More »
Alumni notes
February 8, 2017
An Olympic athlete, camp director, community-supported fishery, awards, and more — updates from the careers and lives of Nelson Institute alumni. …More »

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