Half-century legacy exemplifies the Wisconsin Idea
It was no ordinary lunch, considering where the conversation would lead. The year was 1956, and Henry Hart had invited Arno Lenz to meet at Memorial Union. Thus began a partnership that would ultimately produce Water Resources Management.…More »

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Water, workshops and the Wisconsin Idea
July 14, 2015
How’s this for a successful academic formula: consistently attract top graduate students from around the country, bring together brilliant UW faculty from a variety of disciplines, and have them team up to tackle complex water-related problems faced by Wisconsin communities. …More »
Pinnacle of the program
July 14, 2015
The WRM program prepares students to face the complexities of managing water, while gaining lifelong knowledge and experience. A key aspect of this training: the summer workshop. …More »
"We knew we needed to help"
July 14, 2015
A former chair of the Water Resources Management program saw an opportunity and the current chair seized it. The result: another shining example of WRM’s impact on Wisconsin communities. …More »
Meet Anita Thompson: New Water Resources Management Chair
July 14, 2015
WRM requires a leader who can inspire students and foster collaboration, and Anita Thompson is ready for the challenge. …More »
Stream of knowledge
July 14, 2015
Water, essential for life, is under close scrutiny at UW-Madison. More than 100 faculty and scientists are involved in water-related research and scholarship, exploring everything from agricultural runoff to the global carbon cycle and from aquatic insects to water as a human right. …More »
'An ecological jewel'
July 14, 2015
Wisconsin's idyllic Green Lake has degraded, facing the kinds of challenges common to waters in agricultural and developing landscapes. The scientific expertise found at UW-Madison could help. …More »
Investing in Nelson
July 14, 2015
Transformative donors, new professorships, matching scholarship program, and students supporting students. …More »
First person: From water resources to a world of whodunnit
July 14, 2015
When I graduated from the Nelson Institute with a degree in water resources management, I never imagined my future job title would be mystery and suspense author. But sometimes life takes you in unexpected directions. …More »
Alumni notes and awards
July 14, 2015
Updates from the careers and lives of alumni, plus the recipients of the 2015 Nelson Institute alumni awards. …More »

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