"Never alone in making the world"

When Paul Robbins becomes Nelson Institute director on August 1, he'll hit the ground running. With a few worn-down pencils. Armed with a long list of ideas, he's been fine-tuning his immediate and long-term plans -- putting pencil to paper when a thought emerges, scratching out items that no longer make the cut, and continuously reordering the list. He keeps 25 freshly sharpened pencils on standby at his desk, ready to capture the next big idea.…More » | See video »

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The art of leadership
June 27, 2012
Leadership. It comes in many creative forms. Sometimes it is quiet, arising in efforts to listen for common cause among diverse voices; sometimes it appears boldly, arising out of the passion, ideas …More »
Meet Monica White
June 27, 2012
In an attempt to give a voice to people who are often ignored, Monica White has dedicated her research to studying communities of color, focusing primarily on black farmers in the …More »
Trendsetters in the Tongass
June 27, 2012
After years of defensive land protection and opposition to development, many environmental organizations are coming to see smart, sustainable economic growth as a benefit to both communities and …More »
Guarding the predators
June 27, 2012
Maasai warriors in eastern Africa have set down their spears and turned their efforts to protecting lions instead of killing them. Once seen as a rite of passage for the Maasai, a semi-nomadic people …More »

video camera icon Video: Interview with Leela Hazzah at St Andrews Prize for the Environment ceremony

camera icon Slide Show: Collection of Lion Guardians photos by Philip J. Briggs

CHANGE for lemurs
June 27, 2012
Madagascar's greater bamboo lemur is struggling to exist. With fewer than 200 known individuals in the wild, the critically endangered species is a conservation …More »
Regional leader
June 27, 2012
For Susan Hedman, there is always an opportunity to learn something new. Throughout her more than 30 years in the environmental protection field, the Nelson Institute alumna has served as a …More »

video camera icon Video: See Susan Hedman's lecture at UW-Madison

Investing in Nelson
June 27, 2012
Major gift to fund CHE students and programs, scholarship fund builds on Cal DeWitt's passion for teaching, historic desk finds a home in Science Hall, introducing Jeanan Yasiri Moe, and …More »
Reflections on a sense of place
June 27, 2012
When asked where I grew up, I often say, "nowhere." As a former Army brat, I was frequently uprooted as a child. But I've now lived 13 years in Reston, Virginia, one of the nation's few planned …More »
Letters, Alumni Notes
June 27, 2012
We welcome letters related to magazine content and alumni updates. Browse reader submissions from the spring/summer …More »

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