Entering an age of novelty

"Expect the unexpected and be ready for surprises”
As novel ecosystems develop in response to conditions that have no comparisons in the historical record, the fields of wildlife management, conservation and restoration become increasingly complicated.…More »

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Preparing for a future with no precedent
September 20, 2016
Having recently become a father, I’ve been afforded the opportunity to ask myself: does having a child make one think differently about the environment? …More »
Baby bust: End of population growth may be in sight
September 20, 2016
If the "population bomb” drives your environmental anxiety, relax. The fuse has been clipped. The global fertility rate – the average number of babies born to women of child-bearing age – has dropped from 4.45 in 1970 to about 2.3 today, a break-even number when infant mortality and other factors are considered. …More »
Everyone’s Earth
September 20, 2016
At the 10th annual Earth Day Conference, Carolyn Finney reflected on how people of color have not only been discriminated against during seminal moments in conservation, but are often largely invisible from conversations about the environment – at the expense of advancing more holistic solutions. …More »
Preparing for a churning world
September 20, 2016
As the world changes at an unprecedented rate and scale, Nelson Institute Director Paul Robbins believes it’s especially urgent to prepare graduates to adapt to and solve complex modern challenges and to apply lessons learned from studying "the churning context" of environmental systems. …More »

video camera icon Video: View two Nelson student perspectives on hopes and fears about the future

Students of the world
September 20, 2016
Among current undergraduate environmental studies students, 35 percent of majors and 24 percent of certificate students have studied abroad or will do so in the fall semester. Their destinations cross the world. …More »
A sustainability travelogue
September 20, 2016
While studying abroad for the spring semester in Copenhagen, Denmark, Madeline Fischer documented her experiences in a blog series, comparing the environmentally sustainable practices and policies found in northern Europe to those of the United States. …More »
Informed opinion: Conserving the future is a matter of public trust
September 20, 2016
Children suing state and federal governments argue that climate change will be irreversible, and that current generations should not rob the next of a stable and predictable climate. The same argument can be made regarding the extinction of wildlife, writes Adrian Treves. …More »
Advancing Nelson
September 20, 2016
Supporting signature public events, scholarship recipients, and fun and camaraderie for future generations of Nelson students. …More »
First person: On becoming a futurist
September 20, 2016
To build a good Anthropocene, we just need our imagination, says alumna Jenny Seifert, who prepared scenarios, or fictional-but-plausible stories about the future, for the UW-Madison Water Sustainability and Climate project. …More »
Alumni notes and awards winners
September 20, 2016
Catching up with graduates; sustainability advocate, corporate leader and restoration ecologist honored with alumni awards; and Science Hall love and lore. …More »

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