Forward with the first environmentalists

There is a good reason the native nations of Wisconsin are often referred to as the "first environmentalists.” Working with the land, its waterways and its wildlife, native nations have been the environmental leaders in Wisconsin for more than 1,000 years.…More »

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Sovereign partners
January 5, 2015
Call it a turning point. One hundred years ago, more than 50 prominent Native Americans from across the country and Wisconsin gathered at UW-Madison for a weeklong conference. …More »
"Their own system of the world"
January 5, 2015
Conflict over natural resources in northern Wisconsin played out in federal courts and in heated confrontations at boat landings through the 1970s and 80s. At issue were Native American rights to hunt and fish on off-reservation lands ceded to the U.S. government in mid-19th century treaties. …More »
Sovereign counsel
January 5, 2015
More than 300 Native American reservations are found within the United States, and Richard Monette has been to them all. For a man as passionate about tribal rights as Monette, it’s just part of the job. …More »
Keeping their word
January 5, 2015
Just as conservationists work to protect the world’s plant and animal species, another community of scholars and activists is focusing on another form of diversity: human languages. …More »
Community-academic partnership works to improve tribal health
January 5, 2015
In preventing childhood obesity, the odds are stacked against American Indian communities. But over the past 15 years, Dr. Alexandra Adams has worked to level the playing field. …More »
Framing climate change with culture
January 5, 2015
Climate change is touching every community in every country in diverse ways – and yet, the effects can be subtle enough that signs of change are either missed or argued away. To combat this challenge, experts suggest "framing the issue.” …More »
Good waters, good life
January 5, 2015
The waterways and lakes of northern Wisconsin constitute more of a waterscape than a landscape. Zoom in on the Bad River watershed, for example, and you’ll find waterfalls, trout streams, artesian wells, spawning grounds for lake sturgeon, and Lake Superior, the expansive ancestral homeland of Ojibwe people. …More »
A man of utility
January 5, 2015
To provide more stable and affordable energy, alumnus Brian Hirsch is working to integrate renewable power into Alaskan economies and infrastructures, often as the boots on the ground for the National Renewable Energy Lab. …More »
First person: Let's get involved
January 5, 2015
Major issues of today from the Keystone XL pipeline, climate change, fracking and food security are being decided upon not just in the chambers of Congress, but in our local governments. Change can be accomplished, but this requires leadership, and who better than us? …More »
Letters, alumni notes and awards
January 5, 2015
Browse alumni news and updates, plus information about the Nelson Institute's annual alumni awards and Water Resources Management 50th anniversary celebration. …More »

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