Conserving Biodiversity

Envir St 400

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online course

3 credits

Fulfills Environmental Studies
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Biological Science Intermediate

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Adrian Treves
Adrian Treves
Professor of Environmental Studies; Director of Carnivore Coexistence Lab
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This online course will cover theory, advanced research, and the professional practice of conservation of biodiversity from an interdisciplinary, international perspective. The course will cover biodiversity science and human dimensions of biodiversity conservation, fully integrated with each other in readings, hands-on online simulations, peer-to-peer discussions, and writing assignments. Within lectures, students will learn about biodiversity science; human activities that threaten biodiversity; conservation project planning; conservation interventions against habitat loss, species exploitation, invasive species, and pollution; human values, attitudes, and activities as they affect controversial endangered species; and approaches to conservation research and monitoring. Students will also learn to systematically plan conservation interventions with optimal participation of stakeholders, using adaptive management practices. This course includes online, asynchronous discussions with peers and instructors to address advanced topics. Wolf recovery in Wisconsin is featured prominently as a conservation challenge.

Learning outcomes:

  • Absorb information and nuance about complex ecological systems in comparative international and interdisciplinary perspectives
  • Learn systematic and strategic planning of biodiversity conservation projects
  • Experience the optimization challenges and trade-offs associated with setting policy for complex human-wildlife interactions
  • Manage and understand political clashes and value conflicts over biodiversity
  • Practice critical analysis and constructive synthesis of the latest scientific peer-reviewed literature
  • Gain experience in technical, scientific writing and peer review


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