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WESTON ROUNDTABLE: How much, if any, "sustainable” beef can the U. S. have?

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Thursday, October 12
4:15 PM - 5:15 PM
Speaker: Gidon Eshel, Professor of Environmental PhysicsBard CollegeRadcliffe Institute for Advanced StudyHarvard University

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George Allez

U.S. food production dominates land, water and fertilizer use, with beef being the main agricultural resource-user per kcal or gram of protein produced. Our speaker will offer a possible definition of "sustainable” beef as that subsisting exclusively on grass and byproducts, and quantify its expected U.S. production as a function of the extent of pastureland use. Utilizing all the pastureland U.S beef currently uses can "sustainably” deliver ≈ 45% of current beef production. Choosing to forgo the less productive half of the U.S. pastureland, thus "rewilding" ≈135 million lower-yielding hectares, can still deliver ≈ 43% of current beef production.